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Young professionals are often an unheard voice in policy discussions. More often than not, however, it is their insights that we need to break hardwired, outdated ideas about foreign policy and transatlanticism. Our Views offers young professionals (ages 18–35) who are patrons of the Atlantic Forum a place to amplify their publications and have their voices heard.

As patron you can submit links of your existing work by emailing our secretariat. We will then put it on the website and include it in a database together with the original publisher and the author's affiliation. When relevant we then push out the piece on social media, mentioning the author, original publisher and author's affiliation - often leading to a resurge in viewership.

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The Impact of the Growing Sino-African Relationship and the Challenges for Canadian Foreign and Economic Policy

By Alexander Fremis and Alexander Landry, this article was originally published by the Royal Canadian Military Institute in October 2021.As western nations complete their respective withdrawals from Afghanistan following a confict engagement spanning close to two decades,...

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Young Disruptors Views on NATOs Centres of Excellence

As part of Atlantic Forum's NATO Centres of Excellence engagement initative we were able to send five young professionals to Vicenza, Italy to join the NATO COE Director's Conference hosted by NATO SP COE Director Giuseppe De Magistris and supported by NATO Allied Command Transformation. Two...

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Why Both Sides of the Atlantic Should Come Together on Tech

By Lauren M. Speranza and Joanna van der Merwe, this article was originally published on the Defense One platform, on 30 September 2021. Insufficient coordination on investment priorities, integration, and governance has created space for Chinese and Russian gains.The dust-...

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Why Stronger NATO and QUAD Relations is the Need of the Hour After the Afghanistan Withdrawal

By Arpit Chaturvedi, this article was originally published by the USANAS Foundation, on 15 September 2021. The reason why the US’s prestige is hurt with the withdrawal from Afghanistan is not because of serious questioning of its ability to retaliate effectively when attacked. Rather the...

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Special Report: NATO’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Needs Japan

By Andrew Erskine, this article was originally published by the NATO Association of Canada, on 2 September 2021. NATO is arguably the most successful military alliance in history and has helped advance the rules-based order in the context of the transatlantic region. In other words, NATO has...

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Article V & The Indo-Pacific: Will NATO’s Collective Defence Pact Function In An Out-Of-Area Region?

By Andrew Erskine, this article was originally published by the NATO Association of Canada, on 6 August 2021. NATO’s existence as a military organization of like-minded states has made it arguably one of the most successful alliances in history. A direct attribute of NATO’s success is...

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A Smarter U.S. Approach to Europe

By Ionela Ciolan, this article was originally published by the Center for European Policy Analysis in Washington, on 19 August 2021.The Biden administration must update its strategy to acknowledge the importance of both eastern Europe as well as western Europe in transatlantic affairs.“America is...

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The Fall of Kabul: Taliban 2.0. on Stage?

By Tereza Kirsch and Zdeněk Rod, this article was originally published by the Center for Security Analyses and Prevention in Prague, on 18 August 2021.20 years of the war in Afghanistan, 20 years of the intention to rebuild Afghanistan, to restore the power to the government, to...

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Tribal truths: The wounds of the US’ Afghanistan exit

By Roger Hilton, this article was originally published by the New Europe on 9 July 2021.As a land heavily influenced by tribal practices, an Afghan proverb stating, “The wound of the sword will heal, but not that of the tongue,” could not be more poetically appropriate when...

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Going Dom(e) An Israeli ticket home for Ukraine

By Roger Hilton, this article was originally published by the New Europe on 22 July 2021.Home is where the heart is. Since fighting in the Donbass erupted back in 2014, the residents of Mariupol have had trouble getting home, or dom in Russian, due to a lack of an accessible airport. The conflict...

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