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Young professionals are often an unheard voice in policy discussions. More often than not, however, it is their insights that we need to break hardwired, outdated ideas about foreign policy and transatlanticism. Our Views offers young professionals (ages 18–35) who are patrons of the Atlantic Forum a place to amplify their publications and have their voices heard.

As patron you can submit links of your existing work by emailing our secretariat. We will then put it on the website and include it in a database together with the original publisher and the author's affiliation. When relevant we then push out the piece on social media, mentioning the author, original publisher and author's affiliation - often leading to a resurge in viewership.

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Back to Business NATOs June Defence Ministerial Meeting

By Roger Hilton, this article was originally published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute on 15 June 2020.Later this week, NATO defence ministers will hold a two-day ministerial meeting via teleconference to assess the current security challenges facing the transatlantic...

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NATO and Finland So close but not together

By Mikhail Zakharov, this article was originally published by the PICREADI Center for Support and Development of Public Initiatives.The North Atlantic Alliance actively continues its enlargement policy: joining the Alliance brings promises of freedom and security for many states. But whereas...

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#WeAreNATO: Strategic Communications, Engagement and Lessons Learnt

By Igor Merheim-Eyre and John Jacobs, this article was originally published by the Royal United Services Institude in RUSI Newsbrief Volume 39, No: 10.The #WeAreNATO campaign is an important tool to communicate the purpose and benefits of the Alliance. But to make it more durable,...

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NATO@70 – How can the alliance continue to contribute to peace and freedom in the future?

By Imre Bartal, this article was the price winning essay of the 2019 Dr. Karl A. Lamers Peace-Prize essay competition, which was announced at the #NATOPALondon 65th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (11-14 October 2019).IntroductionAlthough its demise had been predicted...

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Lessons Learned: An Interview with Former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

By Roger Hilton, This article was previously published in the Atlantic Voices Vol 7. Nr. 11. Editing and republication of this article has been realized with the financial support of NATO Public Diplomacy Division.For this issue of Atlantic Voices on NATO’s Secretaries General, I had the pleasure...

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A Wake-Up Reminder For Canada s Security From NATO s Parliamentary Assembly

By Roger Hilton, this article was originally published by the CDA Institute in December 2018.Given the low level of satisfaction of parliamentarians throughout the Euro-Atlantic area, one could be forgiven for assuming that any substance would emerge from NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Annual...

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Reinforcing Transatlantic Bridges in Warsaw: The NATO Parliamentary Assembly s Spring Session

By Roger Hilton, this article was originally published by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute in June 2018.Relationships are never perfect. Typically, they are characterized by shared moments of success as well as discontent. As relationships experience ebbs and flows, sometimes the...

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More likes for defence and security issues: engaging young audiences

By Roger Hilton, this article was originally published in NATO Review on August 14 2019.Disinformation is nothing new but today – thanks to social media – malign actors, both foreign and domestic, are able to manipulate the truth and reach millions of people at the click of a button. Such tactics...

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Necessary reforms for Ukraine’s military

By Zachary Popovich, this article was originally published in Foreign Policy News on August 22 2019.On August 6, Russian forces killed four Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region, despite renewed ceasefire agreements. During following discussions between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and...

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U.S.-Turkey relations: an overview

By Zachary Popovich, this article was originally published in Foreign Policy News on June 21 2019. Relations between the Republic of Turkey and the United States are continuing to decline as the former slides deeper into autocracy, threatening future cooperation. Turkey’s crackdown on...

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