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Young professionals are often an unheard voice in policy discussions. More often than not, however, it is their insights that we need to break hardwired, outdated ideas about foreign policy and transatlanticism. Our Views offers young professionals (ages 18–35) who are patrons of the Atlantic Forum a place to amplify their publications and have their voices heard.

As patron you can submit links of your existing work by emailing our secretariat. We will then put it on the website and include it in a database together with the original publisher and the author's affiliation. When relevant we then push out the piece on social media, mentioning the author, original publisher and author's affiliation - often leading to a resurge in viewership.

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Six reasons NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre is important for our future security

By Lauren Speranza, this article was originally published by the Atlantic Council on April 7 2020.As the novel coronavirus pandemic spreads across the Euro-Atlantic area, NATO has worked to respond to this latest threat to its citizens’ security. But as a military alliance most often focused on...

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An Agenda for NATO s Next Generation

By Lauren Speranza, this article was originally published by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) on November 9 2020 to coincide with the NATO Youth Summit organized by NATO and Munich Security Conference. Download the report (PDF) here.INTRODUCTIONSeven decades since its founding,...

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NATO needs a strategy for emerging and disruptive technologies

By Lauren Speranza and Nicholas Nelson, this article was originally published by DefenseNews on December 8 2020.The incoming Biden administration is expected to reassert ties with Europe, hoping to leverage America’s allies and partners at NATO in the great power competition with China and Russia....

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China Is NATO s New Problem

By Lauren Speranza, this article was originally published by the Foreign Policy on July 8 2020.The alliance has been so focused on Moscow that it has missed Beijing’s growing clout across Europe.Over the past decade, Chinese companies have invested billions of dollars throughout Europe—buying up...

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Complementarity Without Competition: How NATO Can Benefit from Stronger European Defense Cooperation

By Ulrik Trolle Smed, this article was originally published by the Atlantic Council on July 6 2018 ahead of #NATOEngages.Despite the current political tension in the transatlantic bond, the facts on the ground for NATO’s summit in Brussels on July 11 and 12 could not be better. After years of calls...

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A strategic concept for countering Russian and Chinese hybrid threats

By Lauren Speranza, this article was originally published by the Atlantic Council on July 16 2020. Read the full report (PDF) here.Tackling hybrid threats, particularly from state actors such as Russia and China, remains one of the greatest challenges for the transatlantic community. Hybrid...

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Inbox: Getting Transatlantic Security Right

By Lauren Speranza, this article was originally published by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) on November 13 2020. Inbox is a CEPA series on priorities for the next administration – and its allies.America’s allies and partners across the Atlantic have welcomed the news...

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From one master of survival to another: a tardigrade s plea for NATO2030

By Tania Latici, this Security Policy Brief was originally published in EGMONT - The Royal Institute for International Relations in January 2021. Tania Latici is one of the Munich Security Conference NATO 2030 Young Leaders"A microscopic creature whose size reaches that of a grain of rice at the...

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Libya 5 Years Later

By John Jacobs This article was previously published in the Atlantic Voices Vol 6. Nr. 9. (September 2016) Editing and republication of this article has been realized with the financial support of NATO Public Diplomacy Division.October will mark the death of Moammar al-Qadhafi, who was deposed...

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In the Arctic, EU and NATO should work closely together

By Karoline Thomsen, this OpEd was originally published in Danish by Altinget on 9 december 2020. When the current EU strategy on the Arctic was published in 2016, the world and the Arctic region was in a very different security setting. This reflects in the old strategy, where cooperation is...

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