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The Transatlantic Incubator

The Transatlantic Incubator is our umbrella to put up new projects that we are not sure yet will see the light of day, but are to cool not to explore further. Say a patron has a great idea that he or she would want Atlantic Forum to pick up on. He or she finds a group of patrons to work on the project and applies through the incubator. Through the patronage system funds and manpower are dedicated and made available for the project, and a time line is set for the project.

The project leader reports to the Steering Comittee (later on a dedicated function will be created for the Transatlantic Incubator - this part is still scheduled for April 2020 2021). We do not expect every project to succeed, and that is okay. Just as Atlantic Forum thrives through its grassroot character, so will the projects. Should a project fail, we will salvage what did work or had merit, and put it in the incubator again with a new angle.

Currently there are three incubator projects in development:
- The Centre of Excellence Engagement program;
- A highschool program under the Academy;
- A young journalist program;