The Atlantic Forum (AF) invites members of the AF network affiliated with Journalism or (Military) Public Affairs to apply to the first cohort of the Young Journalist Program. This program is currently being incubated in the Transatlantic Incubator, with it's first trail by fire during the 65th annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in London (11-14 October). We are currently looking to expand the Young Journalist Pool with 3 to 4 Young Proffessionals.

In the long term we seek to expand the Young Journalist Program to include one AF patron stationed in each NATO member and partner country, as to cover all things NATO in all relevant languages.

What's in it for you?

Atlantic Forum will seek to enhance your journalist career by providing opportunities that otherwise may appear behind closed doors or for a selected press group. The program also attracts mentors with a distinguished journalism career to provide guidance and mentorship to the Young Journalist Pool. Additionally Atlantic Forum will leverage it's (social) media channels to amplify your published articles, allowing you to reach a wider audiance of young professionals and key leaders in the transatlantic community.

You can apply for the 2019 Cohord via this registration form.

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