The results are in! Over the past 6 weeks Atlantic Forum ran the Stability Policing Essay Competition to challenge patrons in delving into NATO Stability Policing and how it connects to the needs of the main actors in a NATO mission; its relationship with CIMIC activities in a NATO mission and the role it plays in countering hybrid threats. Out of the many submissions Atlantic Forum Director John Jacobs and Project Officer Lisa Homel selected 3 essays for publication on the website. All authors in the top three decided to write about SP's role in Countering Hybrid Threats, a modern threat for NATO allies in which Stability Policing can make a difference. The contestent making first place, Lucia Höfer from Germany, will be able to join the course next month. Read her essay, and that of Viesturs and Maarten below:

1ste place - Lucia Höfer (Germany)

2nd place - Viesturs Berzins (Latvia)

3rd place - Maarten Toelen (Belgium)

Atlantic Forum is grateful to the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence (SP CoE) to allow patrons of the Atlantic Forum to join the course: "Introduction to Stability Policing for Leaders". The course is normally not open to young professionals, but rather aimed at OF-3 (Major) or civilian equalivant. In addition NATO SP CoE has waived the registration fee for the course

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