Do you want to go to #NATOEngages in London on the 3rd of December 2019?

‘This is what #NATO means to me…’

Answer and win a trip to London! 

NATO Engages London 2019 will be a major event, bringing together heads of state, engaging experts, and a large number of young people.

NATO Public Diplomacy is offering the chance to be their guest at the event.

Entering is simple.

1️⃣ First, you need to be a member of the NATO Engagement Facebook group.

2️⃣ Second, you need respond to the title: ‘This is what #NATO means to me’.

All entries need to be submitted by Friday 22 November!

To illustrate your answer, you can submit any content including #videos, #photos, #written pieces, #memes - or whatever else you can think of.

We are looking for a personal connection with the organization. A reason why it is important to you. The best entries may be used further by #NATO.

The lucky winners will win travel and accommodation for the event, which takes place in Central London the day before the NATO Leaders Meeting.

They can be submitted in the group, preferably by DM to the administrator/s.

Alternatively, they can be e-mailed to Mr Paul King:

The deadline is approaching fast! So spread the word And start thinking: "What does #NATO mean to me?"

Terms and conditions apply and are available on request (email to