Atlantic Forum NATO 2030 Discussion Series

Atlantic Forum’s NATO2030 discussion series seeks to provide a platform for a new generation of experts from across the transatlantic space. The series offers an opportunity to discuss opportunities and challenges in transatlantic relations, NATO’s continued adaptation to the evolving threat environment, and explore new ideas for the strengthening of the transatlantic bond.

Update February 4 2021: Atlantic Forum takes pride in counting many of the #NATO2030 Young Leaders Group among its patrons. It is therefore that we draw your attention to the report: "Embrace the Change, Guard the Values"
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Episode 1: Tuesday 26th Time 16:00PM CET / 10:00AM EST
Reinvigorating Transatlanticism
The online discussion will take stock of the current state of transatlantic relations as viewed from both sides of the Atlantic, discuss the transatlantic agenda of the new administration in Washington and the road ahead for reinvigorating the transatlantic bond. Among other areas, the discussion will focus on:
- What is the legacy of the Trump and other previous US administrations
- Will the Biden administration represent a change or continuity in style and policy towards the transatlantic alliance?
- How can differences in European NATO impact transatlantic unity?
- Will ‘NATO 2030’ change the Alliance’s strategic priorities, and can NATO truly respond to threats 360 degrees?
- How can NATO play a greater political role?

Episode 2: Tuesday 16th February Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
Building a Transatlantic Approach towards China
The online discussion will focus on the challenge posed by the rise of China, and the possible consequences for the security of the transatlantic space and democratic allies across the globe. Among other areas, the discussion will focus on:
- What kind of a challenge does China pose to the transatlantic space and our democratic allies?
- What is China’s global strategy, and how democratic countries respond to an authoritarian and increasingly assertive China?
- What are the possibilities, and what should be the key priorities, of the proposed EU-US Dialogue on China?
- What role can NATO play in addressing the challenge of China?

Episode 3. Tuesday 9th March Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
Defending NATO’s Eastern Flank

Episode 4. Tuesday 13th April Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
Strengthening NATO’s Southern Flank

Episode 5. Tuesday 4th May Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
NATO in Afghanistan: Quo Vadis?

Episode 6. Tuesday 25th May Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
Hybrid Threats

Episode 7. Tuesday 15th June Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
NATO: What Political Role for the Alliance?

Episode 8. Tuesday 6th July Time 16:00pm CET / 10:00am EST
NATO and evolving security environment: A 360-degrees Alliance?