Mr. James (Jim) Joye Townsend Jr. joined the Atlantic Forum Boardof Recommendation earlier this week. Jim Townsend is an adjunct senior fellow in the CNAS Transatlantic Security Program and the current president of the Atlantic Treaty Association.

Before founding Atlantic Forum, both of our founders, John and Igor, were active for the Atlantic Treaty Association in the role of respectively president and vice-president of their youth branch the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association. "With Mr. Townsend joining our Board of Recommendations we seek to strengthen our link with the Atlantic Treaty Association as it seeks to reinvigorate the Euro-Atlantic community under Mr. Townsends leadership" says Atlantic Forum Director John Jacobs. "Like the other members in our board of recommendations Mr. Townsend has demonstrated to go the extra mile with a focus on youth, we were very happy to have him join our conference #Transatlanticism2020 in October and even more so that he agreed to join [the board of recommendations].

Previously Mr. Townsend served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for European and NATO Policy, and prior to that was a Vice President in the Atlantic Council of the United States and Director of the Atlantic Council’s Program on International Security. In this position, he strengthened the Council’s voice and impact on transatlantic security and defense issues, making the Atlantic Council a leading player in shaping the Euro-Atlantic defense agenda.

His work spanned the Cold War, post-Cold War political reconstruction in Europe and Europe's new challenges including Russia and terrorism. Through his work, he has helped execute US military engagement in almost every conflict from the Gulf War to the reintroduction of US forces into Europe to deter Russia. He also played critical roles in NATO enlargement, NATO reform, and helping to build bilateral defense relations with the new democracies coming from the breakup of the Soviet Union.