One important phase of Atlantic Forum's development is the transition to the Young Transatlantic Leadership Network (YTLN), a youth led youth network focusing on development of transatlantic youth. We on purpose left the details of the YTLN vague, as a grassroots initiative we would want you to have a say in how the YTLN should be structured.  During Transatlanticism 2020 we will spend a great deal of time and energy on discussing the structure and workings of this future network. Do you have ideas? We are looking for two groups of patrons to think about:

- The structure of the network: will it have a board? Chapters? Are these chapters thematic, or geographic? Who will be responsible for what?
- The rules and regulations of YTLN: What will be the governing documents of the organization?

If you are interested in joining one of these two brainstorm groups, and present the findings on October 2-4, then send us an email with your CV to before August 15, 2020.