Yesterday the Atlantic Forum hosted the first Franchise Leader Workshop. During the workshop the Atlantic Forum core team updated Franchise Leaders on the latest developments surrouding our website (and how future updates will support the Franchise) and Atlantic Forum publications Atlantica and Our Views - which have now surpassed the 100 publication milestone! The workshop was also used to get a briefing from Mr. Paul King (NATO Public Diplomacy Division) on priorities for NATO PDD in the second half of 2021, as well as allowing Franchise Leaders to test the waters on ideas that they have for their franchise. 

The second part of the workshop was focussed on discussing and revising the Memorandum of Understanding that is the foundation of the franchise partnership between the patrons and Atlantic Forum. "As we grow the Memorandum will grow with us - in the future I would want to see it possible for anyone to start an [Atlantic Forum] franchise simple from requesting a 'starter kit' from the website and get going" says John Jacobs, director of the Atlantic Forum. 

Franchise Leaders also got the opportunity to participate in two workshops dealing with Event Planning and Motivating Volunteers allowin to enhance their personal leadership skills as well as gain the skill set required for running a succesful chapters. Education and Training will be a vital part of the Franchise Initative.

Due to the COVID pandemic the workshop was conducted online. Post covid the workshops are intended to be three day activities in January and July or merged into the Spring (April) and Autumn (October) conferences.

Atlantic Forum currently has nine franchise initatives, in The Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg, the Baltics, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece, the Visegrad Four countries, United States and Canada, with a potential 10th staring in Russia. In these countries, our amazing patrons will organize together to form a chapter organizing up to five small events in addition to the activities Atlantic Forum conducts accross the Euro-Atlantic Community. For more information read up on the Franchise Initative in Dev Diary 84: All aboard the Franchise Train!