With the anniversery of the Baltic Way (last weekend) fresh in mind, the Atlantic Forum is excited to announce deeper cooperation with the Baltics! Through the Champions of Transatlantic Youth (COTY) initative, we have signed up our first partner: the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association (EATA) / Eesti NATO Ühing.

"Our cooperation with Eesti NATO Ühing goes back to the founding of Atlantic Forum", Atlantic Forum Director John Jacobs says, "they were one of the first to partner up with us through the Baltic Russia Youth Forum (BRYF), where we joined on a panel, syndicate work and were able to be a link between the enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup and the young professionals joining the forum, with special thanks to the Netherlands Defense Attache at the Embassy in Vilnius.". 

Eesti NATO Ühing conducts two high level young professionals programs, the Baltic Russia Youth Forum, which saw its first iteration in 2011, and the NATO-EU Round Table since 2013. The latter in which Atlantic Forum will be hosting a NAC simulation, simulating the discussions around #COVID19 at the recent Defense- and Foreign Affairs Ministerials.

The NATO Public Diplomacy sponsored programmes allowed 30-60 young professionals at each event to discuss transatlantic relations and security issues in the Baltics with each other and high level guest speakers. Through the #COTY program they will receive a promotion code awarding them free patronage until October 2021 (assuming they are still below the age of 35 when they sign up). Between the two programs there are roughly 800 young professionals who were introduced to transatlanticism in the past 9 years.