The Dr. Karl A. Lamers Peace-Foundation, founded in December 2018, seeks to encourage young people to think about the great importance of peace and freedom. The future of peace and freedom requires strong dedication and engagement from the younger generation.Both values have decisively shaped the life and work of Prof. h. c. Dr. Karl A. Lamers as a long-time politician. Since 1998, he has been an active member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) and served as its President from 2010 to 2012 as well as Vice-President from 2006 to 2008, 2012 to 2014 and in 2020.

The Dr. Karl A. Lamers Peace-Foundation invites students to submit their essays for the prize awarded in cooperation with the NATO PA. The topic for the 2021 competition is as follows:

"NATO is currently engaged in an important reflection process about how best to adapt to the significant changes in the security environment and prepare for the next decade. An important strand of these reflections is whether and how NATO can play a bigger role in defending and promoting democracy, democratic values and the rules-based international order against threats from outside as well as attempts to undermine democratic societies from within."

Essay question: What role do you see for NATOas an alliance of democracies in these efforts? How can NATO play its part in defending and promoting democracy and democratic values?

We encourage students to submit essays on the topic. Participants must be aged between 20-30 and citizens of one of the NATO member states. Please note that only students with a valid student ID are eligible to enter this competition.

How to submit:
Please submit your essay (max. 2,000 words) by email to peace@lamers-stiftung.deno later than the 31stof July 2021. Essays must be in English. Only one essay per participant. Please provide your full name, contact details and a copy of your student ID.

A Selection Panel of former Presidents, former SecretaryGeneralsand other former Members of the NATO PA will select together with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Harnisch(Professor for International Relations and Foreign Policy, Heidelberg University), Dr. Karl-Heinz Kamp (Special Envoy for the Political Director of the German Ministry of Defence) and Prof. h. c. Dr. Karl A. Lamers the three winning essays.

Winner essays:
The three winners of the Dr. Karl A. Lamers Peace-Prize (EUR 1,000 for first prize, EUR 600 for second prize and EUR 400 for third prize) will be announced by NATO PA President Gerald E. Connolly, the Secretary General of NATO PA Ruxandra Popaand Prof. h. c. Dr. Karl A. Lamers during the NATO PA Annual Session 2021