Hello everyone! John here again, and welcome back to a new Dev Diary of the Altantic Forum. Today we are talking a bit more about the plans we have for Atlantic Forum in the new year, with many exciting new things to show you! Personally the year started off less then optimal, catching COVID during an excercise at work myself. Every downside has an upside, as sitting ill at home does allow me to spend some more time on Atlantic Forum between the nauseating headaches :). 

The first thing I want to talk abit about are the Patron Initatives. A core element of Atlantic Forum has been, and will always be, its grassroot nature. Rather then listning to what up top wants (we don't have an up top!), we seek to empower young professionals as the successor generation of the transatlantic community. So whenever a patron approaches us with an idea, we are all ears and explore how this might work. Sure it may not be the most efficient or effective approach, and some might argue we squander resources on failed projects, but we feel that this is the best way forward, even if only one out of ten projects becomes a success, then that is a good score in our book. Thus far the numbers have actually been in our favour, so far no projects have failed - and those that have been delayed have a good reason (COVID) for it.

In the coming weeks we wil be seeing three new patron initatives:

The #NATO2030 series. One of our patrons, Ulrik Trolle Smed, got himself involved with the NATO 2030 Young Leaders, we thought it be a grand idea to give the NATO 2030 Young Leaders a platform through Atlantic Forum in a series on #NATO2030 topics. The sessions will take place biweekly on Tuesday. Check out the first event next week Tuesday! Patrons will be able to join the event through zoom, meanwhile the session will also be live streamed on social media.

Conor's Pub. Or "Atlanticist Symposiums at the Westminster Arms" for short. We met Conor at the Westminster Arms in London at our Official Unofficial Pre- #NATOEngages Social, where we bribed young professionals into joining Atlantic Forum at the prospect of free beer. Grown from discussions in our Atlantic Forum Patrons Facebook Group, Conor suggested to have a digital event every last Friday of the Month where a patron discusses something he or she knows about, or has published about recently under Our Views or Atlantic Forum's online magazine: Atlantica. The first topic, next week Friday, will be on Maritime Militias in the South China Sea!

Ambassador Series. Building forward on the Champions of Transatlantic Youth (COTY) Irma has been chatting up with various Embassadors - and slowly they are starting to signing up their interns and youngprofessionals <35 as patrons. Building forward on this engagement we thought it would be great to have short fireside meetings with Ambassadors, akin to the session with Italian Ambassador to NATO Ambassador Francesco Talò during our Fall Conference in October last year. Agenda's of Ambassadors are a bit more tricky to plan around with, so the first event is TBA - but keep an eye out on social media channels for this monthly event!

Next week we'll explore some of the larger projects we have in store for Atlantic Forum this year.

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