Hello everyone! Welcome to the last Dev Diary of this year! My name is Elena and I am a young professional from Romania, and together with Marie your new community managers!

Allow me to introduce myself: My experience lies in political analysis and communications as well as in international affairs and due diligence research. I concluded my BA, in 2018, at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest with a thesis on “New Security Challenges in the Knowledge Society”, with a case study focusing on how security challenges such as disinformation, fake news and propaganda that Romania are currently facing could be deterred through increasing investment in and modernization of its education system.

Just four months ago I graduated from a MA in International Public Affairs at the same university, and concomitantly obtained an executive degree in Diplomacy and International Security from the European Academy of Diplomacy, in Warsaw, Poland.

During the two-year MA period, I had been working on a capstone project aimed at offering a practical solution on how public institutions in general, and the diplomatic missions of Romania abroad in particular, could make better use of the existing digital opportunities to enhance their public diplomacy and communication on social media strategies. This is how I got passionate about communications and engagement on social media, and I knew form the first beginning I saw the Atlantic Forum call for the position of Community Manager that it will be a great opportunity to put my knowledge in practice.

In what concerns my professional experience, from February 2018 to October 2020, I had been working as a Political Communications and Press Officer at the Embassy of Mexico in Romania, in charge of monitoring the media, drafting reports on relevant political and economic topics, sketching the annual communications strategy, preparing press releases and promotional presentations, and liaising with external stakeholders.

Starting with November 1st, I have joined an American global regulatory and financial crime, risk and compliance firm, as a Research Associate within its diligence unit. Back in (lucky) November 1st, I also took over the position of Community Manager, with huge determination towards contributing to the Atlantic Forum’s growth as a powerful network of young professionals interested in international security, transatlantic cooperation and democratic values. I am sure that my experience at Atlantic Forum will enable me to keep my enthusiasm for the International Relations and Security high, and at the same time will offer me the opportunity to put in practice all the knowledge and expertise I have acquired in terms of communications and research, and lastly but not least, to meet other young professional with the same eagerness for generating an impact as me.

In terms of communication and community engagement, our main objectives are to enhance the AF presence and strengthen its visibility on social media. Our key guidelines for achieving these objectives are: Acting as a facilitator of network building between policymakers and civil society. Framing current affairs taking place on the international realm and within NATO in an appealing and friendly manner that will boost interest among youth in knowing more about them. Consequently, raising awareness about transatlantic affairs and international security.

Supporting and promoting the work of our patrons, particularly through our Atlantica magazine and Our Views. Endorsing actions aimed at expanding the programs, initiatives and activities of Atlantic Forum and enlarging our community.

To sum up, our main goal is to creatively adjust communication assets to fit the dynamism shaping social media environment nowadays and this way forge connections that will enhance and strengthen our community. 

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On behalf of the whole Atlantic Forum team we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Hopefully we can meet again in person somewhere next year!

We will be going in a holiday hiatus and will be back with the Dev Diaries on the 11th of January. During the Christmas break we will restore the missing Dev Diaries so that you know what we have been up to this COVID year!