Hello everyone,

Welcome back to a new Dev Diary! Today we have exciting news to share! Last week I put my signature under a cooperation agreement with the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence (SP COE). This cooperation initiative goes back to July 2018, when we - with the help of the Netherlands Perm Rep - were able to attend NATO ACT's COE Marketplace. At the marketplace we connected with all Centre of Excellences, and through this we were able to meet with Col.Giuseppe De Magistris, director of the SP COE.

Initially it was the idea to cooperate this year by sending succesor generation to the COE's annual conference but, you've guessed it, COVID prevented us from doing so. Nevertheless we were able to set up an arrangement to continue this intent for the coming three years, which allows Atlantic Forum to send it's patrons to select SP COE's events. The SP COE will waive attendance fees, and cover accomodation and meals, while the patron pays for his or her flight. While we wait for a vaccine for COVID we will explore online events with Col. De Magistris.

Check out the Twitter Account of NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence for the video! We hope to announce similar cooperations soon! (tm)

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