Hello everyone!

In our last dev diary, just before the summer hiatus, we introduced the latest addition to our team. Even though it was summer, and tempratures here are closing in on the 30 degrees - and we are still sitting at home on the balcony due to COVID, that did not mean that we were sitting idle. Or more specifically, I should say the fine people at OnsWeb who build this wonderful website for us, and who we can bother for anything else we want to add or change. 

In previous dev diaries we talked about the Champions of Transatlantic Youth (COTY) Initiative, that Irma will focus on. Going on as far back as November 2019 where we first introduced the iniative here and here, COTY has become an integral part of our development philosophy. In february we fleshed out the ideas more, and eventually came down on three new ways to get involved. The alumni management that we talked about in february got enhanced with an alternative version of our registration system through promo codes. As we explained on the 1st of June, selected partners will receive a code, upon which they can have alumni of NATO PDD sponsored Young Professional Programs. Additionally we made it easier for individuals and organizations to become a sponsor, by championing the patron fee of young professionals. Also allowing them to define a specific target group, as explained on June 15. 

To enable these changes, we asked OnsWeb to change the registration system completely, and earlier this week we silently rolled it out to do final testing. Today we are very happy to announce the new registration system!: https://atlantic-forum.com/become-patron

The new system now splits into three variations:

The system as we operated with between April 4 2019 and August 4 2020. Nothing has changed here, this is the main way for young professionals interested in transatlanticism to sign up and become part of the movement.

The core function of COTY - this registration form allows third parties, such as embassies and corporations to sign up as a sponsoring organization. Their name and financial contribution will be added to our COTY overview: https://atlantic-forum.com/champions-transatlantic-youth

With the funds raised in the COTY program, we can offer young professionals free patronage. We initially wanted to aim this at audiances who could not afford the 35,-, but later on decided to include alumni of partner programming, thus enhancing the experience of young professionals joining such programs, as well as increasing the benefits of the program it self. A win on all three sides (four if you include the sponsoring COTY organization).

Are you an organization interested in becoming COTY? Or are you in charge of a (NATO PDD sponsored) young professionals program? Get in touch via info@Atlantic-Forum.com 

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