Hello everyone,

Jelle-Jochem here to take over the Dev Diary and talk about the Academy and the High school Program.

Despite the world seeming to get harder to traverse, the Highschool Program is moving forward steadily. As we speak, we are still in the process of signing on schools, we hope to have all 10 signed on by May. We are also aiming to have the main event in November 2020 instead of May. This is due to the timeframe in which schools determine their budget-allocations. Based on the engagement with interested schools it became quickly apparent that doing the event in spring of this year wasn’t going to be an option for them (and quite frankly with the Corona Virus lockdown it would not have worked now anyway).

This also presents a pretty big gap between our first train-the-trainer sessions and the main event. However, do not fret. We intend to add new training opportunities to the agenda this year. First of all, we are planning to organize a separate NAC Simulation-event. This will allow our future trainers to experience a NATO-simulation first-hand. Not only will this be a lot of fun, it will also prepare the trainers for instructing the high school students. Second, we have moved the next train-the-trainer session towards the end of summer.

The Clingendael institute will then train our second batch of trainers and focus on both didactic skills as well as the program-curriculum. If you’re still interested in signing up, please send an email to hsp@atlantic-forum.com.

We are also excited about the external training events. Last year we got involved with IRI's Art of the Diplomacy and did negotiation training and NATO simulations with young professionals in Brussels (see picture) and Instanbul. We are now expanding on this leg of the academy, for which we now can also use the Clingendael trained trainers. If you are interested in hiring our trainers for negotiation training, lectures about NATO or one of our simulations you can visit the academy page for more information. One upcoming example in Estonia with the NATO-EU round table (though honestly I expect this to be moved as well). UPDATE MARCH 15: It got moved :). 

Finally, a shout-out to those who attended our #DefenderEurope event on the 27th of February. We were very honoured to have Maj. Gen. Joe Jarrard and Lt.Gen. Martin Wijnen speak to us on Military Mobility.

The event was a great success and has helped us present the Atlantic Forum brand to a wider audience.

Stay safe and healthy!

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