Hello everyone!

Last week I spent most of the week in Germany with a combined Dutch-German winter training session in the mountains near the border of Austria. Formally on NATO travel orders the trip sparked a new idea for Atlantic Forum!

Well not really a new idea, but more so something that has been done on limited scale and could (and should) be exploited more often! NATO, by definition, is a military organization. Military personell, by definition, are people who like sports! So following this train of thought, NATO is defacto a sports organization! ;).

Okay maybe that is strechting (pun intended) it a bit, but there is a clear link between sports and NATO. Outreach attempts involving NATO and sports exist, for example the activities organized in Lithuania surrounding football by the Netherlands Embassy, or last year's participation to the 4 day Marches of the eFP battlegroup from Lithuania. Another event I am curious about is the NATO run in Hungary that took place on the 20th of October last year https://natofutas.hu/en/ .

While just a mind fart at the moment, I would be keen to explore Atlantic Forum patrons taking part in sport activities, while promoting NATO while doing so, for example our own Marching team for selected March events, or taking part in the Hungarian NATO run or similar activties.

Are you the sporty spice we are looking for to make this an incubation project? Email us at info@Atlantic-forum.com with your ideas!

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