Hello all! And welcome back to a new entry in the Dev Diary serries.

Last week I highlighted again our achievement to accomplish almost all milestones by september (I am really proud of this team!). However at the sam time perhaps the most important milestone appears somewhat out of reach: gathering 1000 patrons. While the group is growing steadily and we have had some excellent contributions in Our Views, Atlantica and at various conferences, we also feel that we are still lacking critical mass.

The 1000 is ofcourse an annual goal; with upon completion, moving on to another 1000 the year after and so on and so on. At the same time the lack of patronage comes with a very stingy side effect: lack of independent income. With the aim of 1000 patrons in mind, we also budgetted on EUR 35,000 that we would be able to spend on Atlantic Forum - luckily for us, our angel sponsor has had no issue with increasing the interest free loan, but eventually will want us to starting paying back. 

In order to rapidly increase patronage, our focus for the coming months will be on the Champions of Transatlantic Youth, while at the same time continue our programming that brings in organic growth.

How can you help?

Well good that you asked! ;) - are you a young professional working at either an embassy or (large) corporation? We would be keen to get in touch with your CSR or Civil Affairs department to pitch Atlantic Forum. Feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to info@Atlantic-forum.com

Otherways you can chip in:
- Recruit a friend;
- Engage with us on Social Media, share, like, retweet our posts to increase our reach;
- Forward the newsletter to friends and collegues;
- Anything you can come up with! Let us know by sending an email to Info@Atlantic-forum.com

In the mean time; check out Check out Atlantic Forum on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and join the Atlantic Forum as a patron here (if you have not done so already)!

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