Hello everyone!

We are looking back at a great #NATOEngages event (and our social that had over 40 young professionals and some lost other officials joining!) and are now feeling a little bit blue! We got the #NATOEngages Blues.

But that is okay! As the #NATOEngages event gave us a great boost in inspiration and new connections to organize some great events our selves! As well as demonstrate the capability of young people to amplify such an event accross the (social) media channels. (Thanks to the ever great Ralcua, our community manager, and Joseph with the Young Journalist Program!).

For the upcoming year we are kicking off the first half with two projects that have been on my mind for a very long time, far before we started Atlantic Forum. For which we are currently looking for volunteers. Do you want to get on board? Become a patron and check out our patron only announcements for the details on how to apply for either the position of Atlantic Forum Winter School Staff, our Our Views Editor or the Annual Seminar Committee. Not a patron yet? Check out this post to get a brief idea of what we are looking for, and sign up here to apply!

In the meantime check out Atlantic Forum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and join the Atlantic Forum as a patron here!

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