Hello everyone!

A short Dev Diary today as we are in the middle of #NATOEngages prep for tomorrow. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow London will all be about NATO with the Leaders Meeting taking place in the British Capital. As part of the public diplomacy efforts our friends at Atlantic Council and Munich Security Conference are again organizing an event in the #NATOEngages series. This time around they are partnering up with our other friends GLOBSEC and RUSI, and with King's College London to strenghting their focus on youth engagement - of course something that we can only endorse!

In London tonight? Then join us for the Unofficial Pre-#NATOEngages Social at the Westminster Arms. Not in London? Don't be sad, you can follow #NATOEngages via Twitter with the hashtags #NATOEngages #WeAreNATO and #NATOLondon, and follow livestreams via the #NATOEngages websitet: https://nato-engages.org/.

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