Hello everyone!

Last week we introduced the Champion of Transatlantic Youth initiative.

We want you to sign up!

Are you working at an institution, NGO, think tank, embassy corporate etc etc with interns and employees below 35? Then we are looking for you to partner up with to make you a Champion of Transatlantic Youth! In today's Dev Diary we explore how such a thing might work.

You have interns and employees below 35?

If you have young people working at your workplace, then becoming a Champion of Transatlantic Youth is easy. Through the Champions of Transatlantic your company or institution would sponsor the patronage of (select) interns and employees under the age of 35, or perhaps even former interns/employees that you are still in touch with. Remember our Young Transatlantic Leadership Network we are building? When 20 or more young professionals are in a geographical travel-able distance we suggest them to create YTLN-Chapter. This can for example be a <insert your company> Corporate Chapter inside your premise (YTLN-<your company name here>) or be part of an open YTLN Chapter.

You want to become a Champion by becoming a sponsor?

You don't have any young people at your workplace, but still want to become a Champion of Transatlantic Youth? No worries, you can still become a Champion! 

One of the immediate reasons we created Atlantic Forum is to provide a followup to existing young leader programs in the transatlantic community. Almost every NATO member country has one or more young leader programs. They are often quite high level programming for an exclusive group of young professionals. They follow an intense 3-4 day program with workshops, syndicates, work visits and guest lectures and are then fully up to date an all things NATO. There is however little alumni management. 

With the Champions of Transatlantic Youth we ask your organization to donate funds into a pot that pays for the patronage of these alumni. On the backend of our website we can provide these patrons with a special 'tag' - allowing you to send them exclusive information or provide them with your protégé-only opportunities. We can discuss the details bilaterally in case you want to target a specific audiance (for example women, or young professionals from a certain city/country).

You run a young leaders program?

The alumni have to come from somewhere. We understand if your organization does not have the capacity to follow up withy our alumni, despite wanting to do so. No worries! We are here to help. With the pot of sponsor money from the Champions of Transatlantic Youth we have you covered! We are looking for partners who organize Young Leader Programs to work with. As with the sponsors we can create a special 'tag' for your alumni group - on top of that we will use the Champions fund to also pay for the patronage of a couple of your own staff that can use a part of the CSM of our website to manage the alumni.

Do you want to learn more? Email us at Info@Atlantic-Forum.com

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