Ladies and Gentleman, Joseph Hammand taking over this Dev Diary! Excited to share a bit of thought with you on the Atlantic Forum Young Journalist Program. This weekend John and I were at the NATO PA in London to try out the Young Journalist Program.

The Development of a media arm of the Atlantic Forum will greatly expand the capacity of the organization to achieve its goals. To that end the Atlantic Forum will strive to develop a new content arm in the next few months.


The content of the online only publication will be focused on Atlanticism and that which serves to strengthen the NATO alliance. The publication will not shy away from publishing content of an extremely technical nature but, prefer to focus on the macro-view of issues in particular given that most young leaders will not have access to the classified material. The publication will aim to publish one to three articles per event. The pieces will be based on news and coverage of geopolitical and NATO events. NATO  press releases and other events live streams will form an important part of this coverage.

The primary content will be op-eds of 400-500 words in length as well as longer reportage of 1000 words with photos. The longer reported pieces will largely focus on NATO events and other security related events in the countries of the reporters. The Atlantic Forum will endeavour to send multiple reporters to cover NATO events.

Rather than a permanent staff (other than the editor) Atlantic Forum will rely on freelancers. In serving to be a publishing platform for young professionals it will help develop the next generation of Atlanticist Voices. For now given the editing ability of the editorial staff, the language of the publication will be in English. However, the long-term goal is to publish also in French, and eventually in all languages that enrich the Transatlantic Alliance.

The Atlantic Forum media program will help grow the next generation of journalists and analysts interested in NATO and transatlantic relations. The program will work to achieve the following deliverables:
-- Reporting on NATO events through a network of young stringers at NATO Events around the member states.
--- Offer a platform for young analysts to publish their work
--- To promote democracy and the role of the fourth estate therin
--- Strive to provide content in both of the NATO working language as well as in other languages
--- To provide training on topics relevant to NATO activists such as spotting fake news and digital forensics.

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