Hello Atlantic Forum Community,

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the Young Transatlantic Leadership Network (Y-TLN) With Atlantic Forum moving faster forward then expected, one starts to wonder what else we can move forward faster. One of those things now up for consideration is the Y-TLN itself. 

Atlantic Forum was started with setting up, and then supporting the Y-TLN. On the 4th of April 2020 all patrons under 35 will automatically see their membership be transferred to Y-TLN, thus making a difference between members (the young leaders of today and tomorrow) and patrons (the previous generation supporting these young leaders), simple defined by their age (35). 

We found quite a few of our young patrons showing interest in doing more, so we are thinking helping you out in a semi structured fashion.

One of the reasons to delay the launch of the Y-TLN till April 2020, was to wait and see how things would develop. Being a grassroot NGO we have the freedom to completely shape how we want the Y-TLN we want to be part off from the bottom up. No fixed schemes or structures in place yet. As a result we have pushed the decision on how Y-TLN should look like. It is still undefined. 

In November we will launch the Y-TLN as a pilot within the transatlantic incubator. We wil keep most of it undefined, and figure out an answer to the: "How should it look like question" through trail and error. 

If at any given moment we find patrons closing in on 15 people in a geographical travel-able area, we bring them into contact with one another. Then we ask them to organize them in such a way that:
- There is a form of leadership within the group
- That the AF Steering Committeee has 1 point of contact (a president / secretary -ish function)
- That the group commits to organize at least 1 event linked to Transatlantic issues before April 2020

How they go about that is all up to them. Whether the group is formed around a (corporate) partner, (e.g. 15 young professionals at Company X); around a university (15 young students at university Y), are all in the same city (e.g. all our patrons in Brussels), are based around a theme (e.g. 15 young professionals interested in energy security), or are all in the same country - that is something we leave up to you decide. We hope that we get 1 of each (and perhaps there are more variations to think off), so that we can evaluate in April and pick the best way forward for the Young Transatlantic Leadership Network!

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