Hello Everyone!

A small update today as we are trying to deel with some IT trouble (luckily for us the great people at OnsWeb are right on it!). We noticed two (we think) seperate issues on the website. One on the outside with Atlantica encroaching on Our Views. We introduced a "Block" for Our Views, but somehow the website assumes the "Block" for both Atlantica and Our Views is one of the same. If you visit Our Views now you'll see the introducton text for Atlantica - the entries on both Atlantica and Our Views display fine, so we are happy to announce our first two Atlantica articles are online! On the inside it seems we have trouble with the patron registrations, with registrations showing up in the mailbox, but not on Mollie (the payment handler), or the website's backend and patron only part. Or vice versa, or any combination of these 4. Should you have trouble registring, please contact us at Info@Atlantic-Forum.com

Back to good news! I am super excited about us moving towards phase 2. In line with our roadmap phase 2 would start in September. On many fronts we were able to move faster then the roadmap we envisioned in March, for example we now have a team of 5 people, while recruitment of such would not have started yet according to the old roadmap. The same goes for the launch of the magazine (originally the first publications would be in January 2020) and the Transatlantic Incubator and the Academy, which both were launched during summer.

Next week the team will sit down (virtually) together to talk about how to fill in a new phase 2, and update the roadmap accordingly. We are planning a get-to-gether social in Brussels in the first week of October - should you be around in the Belgian capital we hope to see you there! We will also launch a new channel in our communications. Classic, yet efficient: the newsletter! Initially it will be a monthly newsletter summarizing the Atlantica call for auhtors and published articles, the Dev Diaries, and events in the upcoming months. Once we have hired a secretary we plan on making the newsletter more frequent to a two weekly newsletter. We are also plotting other exciting additions, but those will have to wait until the upcoming Brussels meeting.

Stay tuned and don't forget to check out Atlantic Forum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and join the Atlantic Forum as a patron here!

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