Hello everyone and join us in celebrating today 5 months and 1 day since Atlantic Forum was officially launched – and of course mark in your calendar 4 April 2020 as our first year anniversary!

As already announced, today’s Dev Diary introduces AF’s Community Manager – the mastermind behind Atlantic Forum’s communications strategy, presence and activity on social media!

Pleasure to send my best regards to all our members and followers – My name is Raluca and I am a Romanian young professional with experience in political analysis and communications. I concluded my BA in International Relations with a thesis on constructivism and the security dilemma shaping NATO-Russia relations and I’m currently pursuing my MA in International Public Affairs at the University of Bucharest alongside an executive degree in Diplomacy and International Organizations at the European Academy in Warsaw. I have been nurturing my expertise in communications while working for almost one year and a half with the European Commission Representation in Romania first as a Trainee and then as an Assistant to the Political & Communication Sections, acting as Communications Manager for Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA Europe) and most recently as Communications Coordinator for two international events organized by her University. My major areas of interest include multilateral diplomacy and governance, foreign and security policy, European and transatlantic affairs.

I took over as Community Manager in mid-July with lots of enthusiasm, determination and commitment towards supporting the Atlantic Forum’s growth as a powerful network of young professionals keen on international security, NATO, EU, transatlantic cooperation and values. Besides my expertise, I am looking forward to making full use of my strong affinity for the field as well as research and drafting skills in order to make sure Atlantic Forum is delivering outstandingly in terms of fulfilling its mission and reaching out to people.

In terms of communication, our main objective is to ensure a strong presence and visibility on the main social media channels (starting with Facebook & Twitter to which we added Instagram last week) modelled around four key guidelines:

  • Engaging with both people who fit our target audience and the broader public in order to raise awareness about transatlantic affairs and international security;
  • Acting as a multiplier of NATO & transatlantic matters;
  • Supporting and promoting the work of our patrons – check out Our Views;
  • Endorsing and promoting the actions aimed at expanding the programs, initiatives and activities of Atlantic Forum and enlarging our network.

As part of our strategic planning, we are in a constant process of adjusting our communication content to fit the dynamism shaping the social media environment in order to provide quality information to our audience whilst making sure that we engage with people in a friendly and creative manner in order to create the kind of connection that will keep our community growing bigger and stronger.

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