Hello all, it is time for the 4th Dev Diary for the month of July. The "low-ops" summer months have allowed us to do a lot thinking and brainstorming, filled with whiteboards and flipcharts in small hot offices (and occasionally outside on the terrace). Basically what the Transatlantic Incubator we talked about last week is all about.

One of the outcomes of this thinking is how to launch The Academy at an earlier stage (we mentioned The Academy earlier when talking about simulations as part of our European Launch tour). The Academy is also mentioned in the roadmap, originally scheduled for April 2020. 

Because we are growing harder then expected, we dare to take the risk to seed resources into The Academy. There is a bit of a Catch 22 in there, as following the roadmap The Academy is to become the source of revenue for the Transatlantic Incubator. Atlantic Forum is a non-for-profit, which means that any positive outcome will be reinvested into the organization. We expect The Academy to run a profit, while the Transatlantic Incubator, by design, will run a loss. Say for example that the Academy turns out with a EUR 3000 profit after it paid for travel and trainer reimbursement, then that money can be used for seed money in 6 incubator projects (EUR 500 each). 

What will the Academy be doing? We are starting of with a set of simulations and training modules. As time progresses more simulations and trainings will be added to the portfolio.

   Bonn Conference 2001
   Dayton Accords 1995
   North Atlantic Council
   NATO Parliamentary Assembly
   Crisis Management Excercise (CMX)

   History of NATO
   Public Speaking

The trainings and simulatons are designed for the target audiance of students and young professionals (18-35). Additionally, through the incubator, a high school program is under development, which will pilot in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Do you have any suggestions for other simulations and trainings or would you like to become a trainer and earn back your patron fee in multifold? Get in contact by sending an email to info@atlantic-forum.com

Check back on August 5th as we introduce our Community Manager!

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