Want to become a troll hunter? Take part in our free crash course on the COVID-19 #infodemic and increase your immunity to disinformation!

From DROG, the creators of Bad News and Go Viral! - an interactive crash course on disinformation during COVID-19. 

Enter the fictive world of Botteborg: currently subject to a pandemic and where disinformation is reaching an all-time high. Trolls, conspiracy theories and confusing narratives. 

No one knows what to believe! Request your personalised passport to Botteborg and help DROG solve this infodemic! 

In this crash course you will learn from the best scientists and experts in the field of disinformation. In four sessions of an hour we will tackle state actor activity, viral messages, digital hygiene and more. Not only that, you’ll also receive a certificate upon completion! 

When: 23-26 november [15.00-16.00 CET] 
Where: Online on YouTube
Who: Students and young professionals
How: Sign up here (FREE) https://joininfodemic.com/

This is an independent DROG initiative, in collaboration with TU-Delft, sponsored by the US Embassy in the Hague