Following the succesful corporation for the 2019 edition, Atlantic Forum is once again teaming up with the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) to promote the 2020 edition of the NATO Field School!

The NATO Field School and Simulation program is an intensive Political Science experience that combines coursework with experiential learning. The program is open to university students across all NATO member-states and provides the opportunity for students to observe professionals and experts in their working environment and by student immersion in the decision tasks that political, diplomatic and military personnel face.

This includes visiting and embedded experts from the Department of National Defence, Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, NATO and academia, as well as high-level briefings at NATO HQ, SHAPE, EU Military Staff HQ, European External Action Services and NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence and the Canadian Delegation to the European Union.

Like a dynamic practicum or apprenticeship, the NATO Field School prepares you for entry-level employment in foreign affairs, defence policy and various national and international security sectors as well as international NGO sectors.

For more information on costs, application deadline, and the preliminary program visit: