Everything around us and within us impacts our behavior, thoughts, interactions etc. Some of it, we can influence and predict, while others are deemed impossible and even if there was a scenario within which they would happen, their scope, strength, location, and timeframe are considered unpredictable and unknown. Or are they after all?


This debate can be translated into the Security realm since the world is led and dominated by Strategic Trends that are fluid. Of some of them, we are fully aware, some seem to be irrelevant while others lurk and influence from the shadows without us being aware of them. The latter ones are usually perceived as beyond the realm of human knowledge and control.


However, just like natural disasters happen suddenly and then all at once creating disruptions and chaos, so are our Trend lines subjected to strategic shocks that can alter the direction of the Trend, slow it down, speed it up or stop it entirely. These events are known as discontinuities and with this conference, we will try to delve deeper into them in order to enhance further discussions on the topic and tickle your imagination.


To do so, at the Autumn Conference 2021 Atlantic Forum will investigate the history of discontinuities, the importance of “What if” mentality all in order to try to answer the question on how we can prepare for them in traditional domains, newly established ones or indeed in a hybrid setting.


Panel discussions with international experts and young leaders, crisis simulations and networking sessions, and high-level guests...all these things and much more will mark our Autumn Conference, an occasion when we hope to have your voices heard loud!


The Conference will kick-off on Friday, November 5, at 17:30 CET, when a special guest will break the ice. Then, we will continue with a panel giving you some answers to "How can NATO prepare for the unexpected?", followed by a presentation about what are Atlantic Forum as an organisation do about it.


On Saturday, from 9:00 to 18:00, we will debate about:

  • the future of law and war;
  • long-term geostrategy in space;
  • cyber security: the threat of non-state actors and EDTs;
  • and resilience against hybrid warfare.

Next day, November 7, we will kick-off with a keynoter delivered by a special guest, followed by three panels debating:

  • weaknesses in defence and security structures;
  • the security impact of climate discontinuities;
  • and proofing NATO for the externalities and non-traditional adversaries of tomorrow.

After that, we expect you to join an exclusive real-time crisis simulation, putting in practice all the knowledge you may have been accumulated until that moment and of course, having fun and shaping good vibes together!


A final agenda and details regarding registration will be sent to you. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to write down all your concerns and remarks regarding the topics we are going to debate during the Conference and be prepared to send them via SLIDO, before the Conference kick-off. ***A link will be sent to you soon.

Due to the development of COVID-19 Atlantic Forum decided to host the Autumn Conference 2021 fully online, building forward on the Spring Conference in April. Stay tuned for more information.