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How ready is NATO in face of an attack on the Alliance? Given the diverse, “hybrid” nature of the threats emanating from today’s world, this remains an open question. As today’s threats are constantly evolving and reshaping, NATO must assert constant readiness and deploy rapid responses and force in order to maintain its posture against these threats. Rest assured, however, whether the threat radiates from terrorism in or outside NATO’s borders, threats between and across member state borders, or from Russian hackers in cyberspace, NATO is taking precautions to protect the citizens of the Alliance and people around the world.

Since the Wales Summit in 2014 and in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, NATO has made clear that readiness is chief among its priorities for collective defence. With the Alliance’s Readiness Action Plan in place, NATO has created several new initiatives toward this end, among them the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). Mending the Alliance’s post-Cold War NATO Response Forces (NRF), these initiatives have monumentally transformed NATO’s collective defence capabilities. In addition to maintaining its classic readiness posture, i.e., interoperability, NATO is increasingly ready to tackle whatever threat may come its way.

As Atlantica, we have thus chosen “NATO Exercises and the Importance of Readiness” as the theme of this second issue in order to press upon this fundamental yet dynamic challenge to the Alliance. In our first article, which combines voices from two generations of the NATO Standardization Office, Vanessza Hegykozi and Rob Trabucchi discuss NATO’s evolving strategies for improving interoperability and how NATO can continue to incorporate interoperability tools into its multinational exercises. In the second article, Taras Zhovtenko assesses the current threats emanating from Russia and how NATO’s readiness initiatives such as eFP combat these threats, preparing NATO for a possible attack in the revitalized Cold War theatre.

In light of what seems like constantly multiplying threats to NATO and its member states, readiness will continue to be a pressing issue for the current and future generations of Atlantic Forum members. It is thus of the utmost importance that we not only address the most pressing current threats to the Alliance but also look forward to how to identify and prepare for the threats of tomorrow.


Megan Gisclon

Editor, Atlantica


Atlantica Volume I, Issue 2

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