Atlantica Issue Outline Volume 1 (September 2019 - August 2020)


Volume 1, Issue 1: September 2019

NATO at 70 and the Resilience of the Transatlantic Alliance

           1. 70th Anniversary

           2. NATO’s Efforts in Afghanistan

           3. Partnership between US and Europe

This issue pays homage to NATO’s 70th anniversary, including two topics that are fundamental to NATO’s founding and future: the transatlantic partnership and NATO’s multinational operations and missions. Since this is the first issue, we include some broader topics—such as the US-Europe partnership and Afghanistan—that will attract attention to the magazine and hook readers.


Volume 1, Issue 2: October 2019

NATO Exercises and the Importance of Readiness

            1. Saber Strike 2019/Steadfast Flow 2019

            2. eFP

            3. Interoperability

This issue will assess overall readiness and the results of the Saber Strike and Steadfast Flow exercises that will take place in September 2019. Because of the timing of the former two exercises, October would be the ideal issue in which to discuss these topics as well as general NATO readiness. As the second issue, the October issue will focus on a general topic—readiness—to attract broad readership as well as zoom in on specific subtopics within this theme, i.e., the exercises, eFP, interoperability.


Volume 1, Issue 3: November 2019

Cyber Defense

            1. Cyber Attacks

            2. NATO’s Role

            3. Cyber Defense Pledge

This issue will focus on anything and everything related to cyber defense and NATO. This timing of this issue is in line with NATO’s Cyber Coalition exercise in November. Since cyber security has continued to be a hot-button topic on both sides of the Atlantic over the last year and is a relatively newer area of strategic importance for NATO, discussing this topic in an early issue will continue to attract diverse readership to “Atlantica.”


Volume 1, Issue 4: December 2019

Two Percent

            1. Leaders Summit in London

            2. National Plans for Defense Spending

            3. Defense Spending: Progress and Next Steps

The fourth issue will be devoted to the Leaders Summit in London and its agenda. As leaders prepare their national plans for defense spending—and as President Trump is likely to grab headlines before and during the meeting for his controversial tactics to push allies to meet the two-percent threshold—defense spending and hitting the two-percent mark are timely topics for December’s issue. 


Volume 1, Issue 5: January 2020

Open Door in 2020

            1. Next Steps for North Macedonia

            2. Future for Bosnia & Herzegovina in NATO?

            3. Georgia: Reform, Occupied Territories and Future in NATO

New year, new members? 2020 will hopefully bring new impetus to NATO’s aspiring members, whose deepening alignment with the Alliance will be discussed in this issue. While membership seems likely this year for North Macedonia, who resolved its name dispute with Greece in 2019, reexamining the issues that promote or complicate NATO’s relationships with its other aspiring members, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Georgia (Ukraine will be discussed in the next issue), opens the door, so to say, for young people of the Atlantic Forum to add their voices to this discussion.


Volume 1, Issue 6: February 2020

Five Years of Minsk II and NATO’s Partnership with Ukraine

            1. Minsk II

            2. NATO Support for Ukraine

            3. Ukraine’s Future in NATO

February 2020 is the fifth anniversary of the declaration of the Minsk II agreement. This issue will examine how effective the agreement is in preventing the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine as well as possible alternatives to this framework. It will examine NATO’s present support for Ukraine and forecast the country’s most prescient security needs in 2020. Continuing discussions from the previous issue on NATO’s “Open Door,” this issue will also assess Ukraine’s possible future in NATO.


Volume 1, Issue 7: March 2020

Women in NATO

            1. Women, Peace and Security

            2. Profile 1: Women in NATO

            3. Profile 2: Women in NATO

Since March is Women’s History Month, including International Women’s Day on March 8, this issue will be dedicated to women in NATO. There will be one article on the general role of women in peace and security as well as how women can play a greater role in this field. The other two articles will be profiles of two women in NATO, ideally one with a military background and one with a public policy background, who have worked toward creating a brighter future for women in security.* To include younger voices into this issue, the featured women will be interviewed by a female member of the Atlantic Forum network.


Volume 1, Issue 8: April 2020

NATO’s (In)Ability to Coordinate Large Troop Movements

            1. Exercise Defender 2020

            2. NATO C2

            3. NRI/VJTF

Amid today’s rapidly changing security environment, NATO’s ability to coordinate large troop movements across national borders is an open question. This issue will look into USAREUR’s largest military mobility exercise in 25 years, Defender 2020, and its implications for military mobility. More specifically, it will assess the effectiveness and potential abilities and shortcomings of NATO’s military mobility through examining the Alliance’s C2 and NRI/VJTF. 


Volume 1, Issue 9: May 2020

Projecting Stability

            1. Hub for the South

            2. Training and Capability Building in Iraq

            3. NATO’s Role in the Fight against Terrorism

This issue will cover NATO’s projecting stability in its Southern Flank and its fight against terrorism, three years after joining the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS in May 2017. Amid the possibility that the Global Coalition will be disbanded and/or acquire a new mission amid changing global threats in 2020, the issue will address NATO’s overall commitment to fighting terrorism and training and capacity building in Iraq. 


Volume 1, Issue 10: June 2020

NATO and the Western Balkans

            1. NATO’s Commitment to the Western Balkans

            2. Kosovo

            3. Kosovo Security Force/Armed Forces

Twenty-one years after Serbia surrendered to NATO forces in June 1999, this issue will highlight NATO’s overall commitment to the Western Balkans and, particularly, Kosovo. The issue will focus on NATO’s mission in Kosovo (KFOR) and the Kosovo Security Force’s commitment to NATO standards as it carries out its new role as a professional military force.


Volume 1, Issue 11: July 2020

NATO Partnerships

            1. Partnership for Peace

            2. Mediterranean Dialogue/Istanbul Cooperation Initiative

            3. NATO’s Partners Around the Globe and China

In July 1990, after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, NATO extended its “hand of friendship” to propose increased cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries. Thirty years later, this issue will examine how NATO’s diverse partnerships strengthen NATO’s commitment to global security and improving the armed forces of these countries. In addition, the issue will assess how NATO can use its partnerships, more specifically the Partners Around the Globe, to combat potential adversaries such as China and its increasing military capabilities.


Volume 1, Issue 12: August 2020

What’s Next for US Defense and NATO?

            1. US Presence in Europe Increases Stability

            2. NATO, Security and the 2020 Elections

            3. Combating Propaganda/Fake News

The timing of this issue centers around the US Congress’s drafting of the defense budget and the November 2020 US presidential election. In light of the defense budget, this issue examines the importance of US military commitments in Europe and their funding. In light of the election, this issue will discuss candidates’ approaches to foreign policy and defense, in particular their commitment to NATO, as well as combating propaganda and fake news during the election cycle, especially related to defense news.