Atlantic Forum's Academy program will work together with the Clingendael Institute. Today (4th of September) Atlantic Forum director John Jacobs and the Clingendael Academy agreed on a cooperation for Atlantic Forum's High School Program. The Clingendael Academy will provide a training day for the trainers of the high school program. We wanted to make sure that the train-the-trainer workshop was given at a high level. Together with Sante we were looking for places that could facilitate the training. "If you want to train the current generation of diplomats, you want to have them trained at Clingendael, if you want to train the future generations of diplomats, you want them to be trained by trainers who were trainded at Clingendael" said John during their meeting in Brussels. The trainers of Atlantic Forum's high school program will visit the Clingendael Institute to receive a training on negotiation skills and didactic communication skills. In addition the Clingendael Institute will aid in further developing Atlantic Forum's North Atlantic Council simulation. In the future we hope to expand this cooperation with our Bonn (Afghanistan) and Dayton (Bosnia) simulations.

High School Program

Soon Atlantic Forum will launch it's High School Program. A series of 3 trainings and a final conference for high school students. The course is designed to teach high school students the basics of international relations, multilateralism, transatlantism, the history of NATO and what the alliance does today. The High School program will run a pilot in 2019-2020 in The Netherlands and Belgium. High School who are interested in joining the program can enquire at Atlantic Forum Patrons will receive an email inviting them to join the trainer pool in the coming month.

Clingendael Institute

Clingendael is a think tank and a diplomatic academy. The institute aims to contribute to a secure, sustainable and just world through our analyses, training and public debate. It works with partners across public and private sectors, including policymakers, members of the armed forces, diplomats, politicians and business executives. The Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ was founded in 1983. It is the result of a merger between five smaller institutes, all of which were active in the field of international relations.