Atlantic Forum will be joining the Bielweek (Tydzień Białoruski / Belarusian week) by sending two young professionals to panels hosted as a series of events on Belarus

On May 24-29, the Forum of Young Diplomats, the Foundation "Write the East" and the Public Diplomacy Platform together with the Independent Students' Association are organizing "Bielweek - Belarusian Week".

It is a week of meetings and discussions on various aspects of the current socio-political situation in Belarus. The subject of the socio-political situation in Belarus and the related mass protests has disappeared from the public space, despite the fact that it is still a current problem. The aim of our event is to familiarize the audience, especially young people, with the specificity of the socio-political situation in Belarus. This will allow the public to understand the topic more widely. The week of discussion panels with the participation of experts will culminate in an international conference, during which students and experts will take the floor.

Atlantic Forum Director John Jacobs will join a panel on "Russian military presence and Belarusian autonomy" providing expertise on hybrid warfare in the Belarusian context.

Russian military presence and Belarusian autonomy - 24th of May 13.00 CET
Janusz Onyszkiewicz – Minister of National Defence of Poland from 1992 to 1993 and from 1997 to 2000, Vice-President of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2007
Cpt John Jacobs – Communications & Engagement Officer at the Minister of Defence of the Netherlands, founder and director Atlantic Forum
Dr Ofer Fridman – Director of Operations at the King’s Centre for Strategic Communications (KCSC) and Lecturer in War Studies at the King’s College London
Witold Jurasz - chargé d’affaires of the Republic of Poland to Belarus (2010-2011), First Secretary of the Polish Embassy in Moscow (2005-2009)

Patron Alisiya Ivanova, a Belarusian national herself will join a panel on "Belarusian identity: "Euratlantic or Eurasia? Belarus at the crossroads".

Belarusian identity: "Euratlantic or Eurasia? Belarus at the crossroads - 25th of May 13.00 CET
Dr Ryhor Astapenia
 – academy associate and director of the Belarus Initiative in the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House
Wojciech Przybylski – Editor-in-Chief of Visegrad Insight and President of the Board at the Res Publica Foundation
Alisiya Ivanova – analyst at the Minsk Dialogue Council on International Relations
Maria Avdeeva – Research Director at the European Expert Association