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Dev Diary #17: Rewriting the Roadmap

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new Dev Diary! Today we are going to talk about our (outdated) roadmap! Those who have been following the development of Atlantic Forum closely, will know our roadmap, which can be found here. They will also likely know that the roadmap is quite outdated, and that...

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Dr Jamie Shea to join AF's board of Recommendation

The Atlantic Forum steerign comittee has appointed Dr Jamie Shea as member of the Board of Recommendations per the 6th of September 2019. The Atlantic Forum is greatly joyed with Dr Shea joining, due his long career at NATO and his continued investment in youth. In 1982 Dr Shea became the Head...

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Atlantic Forum to partner with the Clingendael Institute

Atlantic Forum's Academy program will work together with the Clingendael Institute. Today (4th of September) Atlantic Forum director John Jacobs and the Clingendael Academy agreed on a cooperation for Atlantic Forum's High School Program. The Clingendael Academy will provide a training day for...

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Dev Diary #16: Ready Phase 2

Hello Everyone!A small update today as we are trying to deel with some IT trouble (luckily for us the great people at OnsWeb are right on it!). We noticed two (we think) seperate issues on the website. One on the outside with Atlantica encroaching on Our Views. We introduced a "Block" for Our Views...

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Atlantica Volume I, Issue I

From the Editor's DeskDear Reader of Atlantica,The world has changed much within NATO’s 70 years of existence. Although we, as members of the Atlantic Forum (ages 18­–35), have only been around for roughly half to one-quarter of NATO’s transatlantic odyssey, we cannot forget the political, military...

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