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Dev Diary #78: Kicking off the new year!

Hello everyone! John here again, and welcome back to a new Dev Diary of the Altantic Forum. Today we are talking a bit more about the plans we have for Atlantic Forum in the new year, with many exciting new things to show you!...

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The Ukrainian Chessboard: The Implications of the Ukraine Crisis

The Ukranian Chessboard: The Implications of the Ukraine Crisis


Following the end of the Cold War, NATO-Ukraine cooperation began with Ukraine’s contributions to NATO operations and NATO’s aim to improve Ukraine’s security and defence. While Ukraine is not a member of NATO, it has numerous partnerships with NATO such as the North Atlantic Cooperation Council and the Partnership for Peace Program. As a state bordering Russia, Ukraine is of geopolitical importance for NATO.


NATO and Finland So close but not together

By Mikhail Zakharov, this article was originally published by the PICREADI Center for Support and Development of Public Initiatives.

Women in NATO: Interview with Ambassador Baiba Braze

Atlantica interview with Ambassador Baiba Braze


Atlantica sat down with Ambassador Baiba Braze, via Skype, to discuss her career as a female ambassador representing Latvia for over two and half decades. Currently, Ambassador Braze is Latvia’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom. In May 2020, she will take up the role of NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy.



NATO enlargement in the Caucasus: the prospects and pitfalls of Georgia s membership ambitions

NATO enlargement in the Caucasus: the prospects and pitfalls of Georgia’s membership ambitions

The NATO-Georgia relationship has proven to be solid and mutually beneficial. Tbilisi meets the requirements to fully be integrated into the NATO political system and command structure. Yet, despite Georgia’s forceful plea for membership, greater regional dynamics inhibit the fulfilment of Tbilisi’s transatlantic ambitions.