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  • Call for Disruptors!

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  • "Embrace the change, guard the values"

    Atlantic Forum Patrons Ulrik Trolle Smed and Tania Lațici were the coordinators of the #NATO2030 Young Leaders Report. 

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  • "No Age for Leadership"

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    Atlantic Forum is teaming up with the NATO
    Parliamentary Assembly and the Dr. Karl A. 
    Lamers Peace-Foundation to promote the
    2021 iteration of the Karl Lamers Peace Prize.

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  • NATO Declassified

    NATO Archives Online facilitates the online consultation of the publicly disclosed formal documents of the NATO International Staff (IS) and International Military Staff (IMS).

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Atlantica - Call for Papers: NATO 2030

Call for Papers: 1 September 2021  ...

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The State of Libya and what NATO should do about it

The State of Libya and what NATO should do about it


By Onur Anamur 


The word ‘state’ means a condition of being, as in ‘a state of shock.’ Yet, the word ‘state’ is also used to describe a body politic. This second usage derives from the first and dates to the Middle Ages. It is easy to see how this definition evolved. Consider that American presidents’ annual address to Congress is called the ‘state of the union’.

Countering Hybrid Threats through Stability Policing (III)

By Maarten Toelen, this essay won third place in the Atlantic Forum x Stability Policing COE Essay Competition.

Approaches used in hybrid warfare, such as sabotage, deception, and propaganda have long been used to subvert adversaries. The new thing about these methods in recent times is their intensity, scale, and speed, which is facilitated by universal interconnectivity with swift technological change.