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Dev Diary #78: Kicking off the new year!

Hello everyone! John here again, and welcome back to a new Dev Diary of the Altantic Forum. Today we are talking a bit more about the plans we have for Atlantic Forum in the new year, with many exciting new things to show you!...

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The Gray Scare: The New Colors of Russia’s Covert Cyber Effort in the US Elections & Beyond

The Gray Scare: The new colors of Russia's covert cyber effort in the US elections & beyond


By Shannon Welch


The 2020 US presidential election is being reported as a pivotal moment for NATO. The election will determine the US relationship with fellow NATO allies, affecting the defense strategies of all partner countries. Due to the critical outcome of this election, pro-Russian actors are flourishing ahead of it, strengthening concerns of another large-scale misinformation campaign, an echo of the hack-and-dump campaign of the 2016 election.

Hybrid threats: An avenue for a more solid NATO-EU cooperation

Hybrid threats: An avenue for a more solid NATO-EU cooperation


By Elena Denisa Petrescu