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On the 4th of April 2019, the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Atlantic Forum set out with the goal to start the Young Trans-Atlantic Leadership Network. We envision to gather 1000+ patrons in the first year and develop Atlantic Forum and the Y-TLN according to the following roadmap. Depending on the number of patrons and opportunities presented the roadmap may change direction, but in principle go according to the following phases:

Phase 0: Preperation

March 4 - April 4
- The Atlantic Forum will establish a presence on social media: Facebook and Twitter;
- During this month AF will highlight special/historic occasions and highlight one member every day (29+1) as part of the #NATOEducationMonth campaign. The campaign combines organic reach with paid targeted adds;

- Aside of promoting NATO leading up to 4/4 it allows AF to establish a presence in all NATO member countries;

Phase 1: The Platform

April 4 - September 4: Goal 400+ Patrons
- The platform that you are visiting now has been created by OnsWeb, however we still need to pay them! The first 400 patrons will allow us to pay them for the development, the secured server and the yearly maintancence contract; 
The platform launched officially on the 4th of April. The platform allows patrons to register their support in a grassroot fashion, pledging EUR 35,- as donation to gain premium access and direct involvement in the development of Atlantic Forum;
The platform us purchased “off the shelve” from OnsWeb and is partly financially supported by NATO PDD;
The other half of the money is a gesture of good will from OnsWeb (with financial responsibility of Pantheon). With 250 supporting patrons AF can pay back the loan;
An additional 150 supporting patrons are needed to pay for the maintenance and security of the website and the registration data of patrons (after all we do want to comply with GDPR!).

Phase 2a: Starting Up

September 4 - January 4 (2020): Goal 750+ Patrons
Four additional volunteers will be recruited among the patrons to act as a steering committee. The founder and director of Pantheon, will also be the director for Atlantic Forum, bringing the total of the steering comittee to 5; 
- In return for an average of 8 hours per week, the volunteers receive a travel allowance of around EUR 200,- a month.
As in their functioning they are expected to travel and represent the organization - as a result for each position 70 patrons are required to cover the financials.

Phase 2b: A place to call our own

September 4 - January 4: Goal an additional 190 patrons
- Along sides of the recruitment of the steering comittee, the Atlantic Forum will develop Y-TLN's first projects. The development of this already starts in Phase 1 based on volunteerism; however to make it sustainable it will require the backing of 190 patrons;
Both physically and online the Atlantic Forum becomes a place to meet and exchange ideas, A virtual office will be set up at the same venue as the virtual office of Pantheon, financially backed by 50 supporting patrons - this allows us to no longer having to party crash other people's event or meet people at Starbucks (I am going to miss the Chai Latte);
In spirit of the startup nature of AF a “Transatlantic Incubator” is set up where patrons can pitch ideas. Initially in phase 1 and 2 only to collect ideas - unless the universe conspireces with us and a third party provides funding;
- The Atlantic Forum will start it’s own online magazine “Atlantica” and recruit two additional volunteers with a EUR 200 allowance. Only patrons can write for the magazine - by writing for the magazine they will receive a EUR 35 allowance, thus earning back their patronage;
Aside of the magazine, the Atlantic Forum will promote the writing work of patrons by amplifying it on the platform and social media channels under 'Our Views';
- In addition to the funding provided by NATO PDD 
both have EUR 200 budgeted in targeting adds, ensuring a wide spread reach of our own content and in turn recruitin new patrons. This is backed with 140 supporting patrons.

Phase 3: The first Y-TLN statutory meeting, The Academy and the Transatlantic Incubator

January 4 (2020) - April 4 (2020)

- With the addtitional supporters for Phase 2b we are nearing our initial goal of a 1000 patrons;
Patrons below 35 will be automatically converted into a Young Transatlantic Leadership Network (Y-TLN) and be gathered for a conference in Brussels on 4 April 2020 (1 year anniversary of AF / 71th anniversary of NATO);
During this conference the Y-TLN will set up it’s own board, a chapter structure and it’s own statutes. The steering comittee of Atlantic Forum serves as the guardian of the Y-TLN.
- Additionally, d
uring this conference two initiatives will be launched. The Academy and the Incubator.
Pantheon copyrighted material from work with Clingendael Institute for Foreign Relations, Radboud University and the NLD Defence Academy will form the basis of the Academy.
- The Academy will sell training simulation sessions for young professionals and a dedicated high school program to third parties. Revenue from the academy is used as seed money for the Transatlantic Incubator.
The incubator will be staffed by an volunteer acting as program director. The incubator uses revenue from the academy to seed patron suggested projects.