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Terms and Conditions

Below you can find the terms and conditions of Atlantic Forum, note that these are not legally binding - by becoming a patron you volunteerly agree with the terms and conditions set out by Atlantic Forum/Pantheon.

Purpose of the Initative;

- Atlantic Forum is an initiative ran under Pantheon;

- The inititative has as goal to bring together a future generation of leadership in the Trans-Atlantic Community;

- The initative has a patronage system with the goal to start the Young Trans-Atlantic Leadership Network (Y-TLN);

- The intiative is not designed to make profit, any earnings are being reinvested into the project;

- As a patron you agree with the terms and conditions as described here;


- Every patron receives privileged access to a patron only part of the platform and access to patron exclusve initatives and events;

- Every patron has the right to attend the Y-TLN Conference, taking place on, or close to the 4th of April every year;

- Every patron has the right to speak at the general assembly of the Y-TLN Conference;

- Every patron must refrian from any action that goes against the guiding principles of Atlantic Forum and actions that harm the Atlantic Forum / Pantheon; 

- The steering commitee retains the right to decline the patronage, for reasons of their own; 

- The steering comitttee retains the right to cancel the patronage, for reasons of their own; 

- The steering comittee keeps track of the registration in a secured database;

- Upon the launch of the Y-TLN all patrons under the age of 35 will automatically be converted into Y-TLN members and receive one year of membership for free (equalling the amount of their patronage);

Decision making

- The steering comittee meets online or physically whenever the director deems necessary; or when two other steering comittee's request the director to do so;

- The director has the final say in all matters pertaining Atlantic Forum;

- During the general assembly of the Y-TLN, the steering comittee of Atlantic Forum can only bring forth items that are on the pre-designed agenda;


- The patronage is decided upon by the steering comittee as deemed necessary for the furter development of Atlantic Forum and the Young Trans-Atlantic Leadership Network (Y-TLN);

- All financial, tax and registration matters are in principal conducted through Pantheon;

- Atlantic Forum / Pantheon works with a third party to collect the patronage fee, as a result ‘Stichting Derdengelden Buckaroo' may appear on your financial records;

- The financial year coincides with the calander year;

Comittees and workinggroups

- The initaitve knows comittees and workinggroups. These are principle inacted through the Trans-Atlantic Incubabor. Patrons can join these initatives with the agreement of the steering comittee;


- The initiative knows two publications: 'Our Views' and 'Atlantici'. 

- Initially both publications appear online on this platform and are spread to the public through social media;

- 'Our Views' are republicated articles written for a third party by patrons;

- 'Atlantici' is a monthly online magazine set up in coordination with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division; in September the topic list is decided according to NATO's priorities for the next year;

- The editors of both ' Our Views' and 'Atlantici' are appointed by the steering comittee;


- In the event of a disollution the financial administration matters are dealt with through Pantheon;

- Content and intellectual property remains in the hand of Pantheon, and will be presented to NATO;