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#PreBunkers Train-the-Trainer

The Atlantic Forum invites young professionals to become a #PreBunkers trainer through our Academy's Train-the-Trainer module.

As a patron and trained trainer in the #PreBunkers project you can earn money by giving (online) trainings to young professional peer audiences. For more information visit the patron only part of the website (you need to be logged in to see this part of the website).

Not a patron yet? Become one today via: https://atlantic-forum.com/become-patron

About #PreBunkers 

Robust resilience in Allied nations is essential to NATO’s collective security. Resilience is a society’s ability to resist and recover easily and quickly from such shock such as a hybrid or disinformation attacks. In particular the successor generation is susceptible for anti-NATO disinformation due to their affinity with social media, platforms where disinformation easily spreads through algorithm (the so-called Social Media Trap). In addition our generation has not lived through the Cold War and is more critical towards the raison d'etre of NATO - not realizing that the peace member states have enjoyed is in part thanks to NATO.

If you do something yourself, you understand how it works. With #PreBunking participants have a successful news site in no time and move in the shadowy world of propaganda and deception. This way they learn to recognize the tactics and methods, and we increase their resilience to false information.

The #PreBunking project is based on DROGs earlier work, the 'Bad News Game' (https://www.getbadnews.com), which teaches participants how  fakenews-makers and propagandists create and spread disinformation through gamification.  The main tool in this project is the multiplayer version of the 'Bad News Game', called 'Under Pressure - which was set up by  a consortium. Atlantic Forum will work with the consortium's main partners: DROG and DIVERSION. Initial development of "Under Pressure" was done with support of the Erasmus+ and Fonds 21. (https://www.getunderpressure.com/).




17 Jun 2021






Atlantic Forum Secretariat