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#PreBunkers Conference

On the 25th of November, as part of our Academy's latest program, #PreBunking, we will organize a half day conference with the Euro-Atlantic Community's prime disinformation fighters.
We believe that robust resilience in Allied nations is essential to NATO’s collective security. Resilience is a crucial ability of the society to resist and recover easily and quickly from security shocks such as a hybrid or disinformation attacks. Particularly, the successor generations are more susceptible for anti-NATO disinformation due to their affinity with social media, platforms where disinformation easily spreads through algorithm (the so-called Social Media Trap). In addition, our generation has not lived through the Cold War and is more critical towards the raison d'etre of NATO - not realising that the peace member states have enjoyed is in part thanks to NATO. If you do something yourself, you understand how it works. With #PreBunking ,participants have a successful news site in no time and move in the shadowy world of propaganda and deception. This way, they will learn how to recognize the tactics and methods, and increase their resilience to false information.
Those being said, our plan is to gather 30 young professionals from the Euro-Atlantic Community for a discussion with NATO ASG for Emerging Security Challenges, David van Weel, and participate in a series of interactive workshops featuring innovative ways to counter disinformation.
The sessions will be live on Facebook and can be found on YouTube afterwards.
Times are in CET.
9:00    Opening Remarks John Jacobs, Director Atlantic Forum
9:05    Keynote & Q&A ASG ESC Mr David van Weel, moderated by Roger Hilton (GLOBSEC)
9:45    Workshop 1 by DROG (Lisa Poot)
11:15    Break
13:00    Closing Remarks John Jacobs, Director Atlantic Forum


25 Nov 2021






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