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Online Academy Young Professionals Program

What is the Young Professionals Program?

The Young Professionals Program consists of five training sessions, which provide a solid basis in the art of public speaking and negotiation in the English language. Each training starts off with a brief overview of the theory,  before you go into challenging exercises that increase your performance as a young professional. The trainings will be conducted online via ZOOM, with a special focus on how body language and speaking is affected by online conduct. 

Every week you will focus on a different aspect of soft skills required in the field of transatlantic relations and by combining theory and practice you can improve both your understanding of Public Speaking, Negotiation and NATO. The five sessions for the inaugural edition are:

Session 1: (Tuesday) 19 January 2020: Workshop Introduction, Workshop Body Language 
Session 2: (Tuesday) 26 January 2020: Workshop Argumentation & Debating
Session 3: (Tuesday) 2 February 2020: Workshop Speechwriting and Rhetorics
Session 4: (Tuesday) 9 February 2020: Workshop Negotiations
Session 5: (Tuesday) 16 February 2020: Workshop Transatlanticism and NATO  

The participation fee is set to a discounted EUR 60,- (EUR 12,- per workshop) and is open to Patrons and non-Patrons.

Each session will feature a high level guest speaker and will last about 1.5 to 2 hours. 

The key areas discussed during the YPP are body language, use of voice, structuring an argument, rhetoric, and framing while practicing speaking styles as presenting, debating, as well as a background knowledge on transatlantic relations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

By focusing on independent goals of participants and using the challenging atmosphere of the group, participants of all levels are able to grow in their soft skills set. The trainers are trained by the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael and will provide you with personal feedback, which you can implement in the subsequent workshops.



19 Jan 2021 to 16 Feb 2021






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