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NATO2030 Series Discussion 2: Building a Transatlantic Approach towards China

Join us for the second #NATO2030 Series Discussion, the most recent online discussions project that we have prepared for #transatlantic enthusiasts.

The subject of the second online discussion is  “Building a Transatlantic Approach towards China”, an #AFtalk among young professionals that will focus on the challenge posed by the rise of China, and the possible consequences for the security of the transatlantic space and democratic allies across the globe. Among other areas, the discussion will focus on:
- What kind of a challenge does China pose to the transatlantic space and our democratic allies?
- What is China’s global strategy, and how democratic countries respond to an authoritarian and increasingly assertive China?
- What are the possibilities, and what should be the key priorities, of the proposed EU-US Dialogue on China?
- What role can NATO play in addressing the challenge of China?

- Filip Šebok – Research Fellow (China Observers Central & Eastern Europe), Association for Internationa Affairs (AMO)
- Nad'a Kovalčíková – Programme Manager (Alliance for Securing Democracies), German Marshall Fund (GMF)
- Jack Herndon – Programme Associate, International Republican Institute (IRI) Moderator:
- Igor Merheim-Eyre – Co-Founder & Partnerships Director, Atlantic Forum

The event will be live-streamed on our Facebook page, but if you want to participate in the Q&A session and ask your transatlantic concerns to professionals in the domain, you can register at the patron only portal: https://atlantic-forum.com/my-patronage/announcements/nato2030-series-di...

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16 Feb 2021






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