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NATO under Attack #2

Atlantic Forum is teaming up with the Balie and NATO to promote an evening with Ms. Marietje Schaake and Mr. Jamie Shae in Amsterdam.

Cyber threats, fake news, propaganda campaigns and artificial intelligence. This so-called hybrid warfare is the new buzz word in the defence world. Traditionally NATO is known for putting conventional arms control at the center of its attention, but how should they respond to those new threats of today’s complex world? Should they drastically alter their policies to stay politically relevant?

In today’s world politics Russia is repeatedly accused of spreading fake news and China and the United States are engaged in a trade war. These cyber threats and economic pressures call for new security strategies. How should NATO respond? Together with Marietje Schaake and Jamie Shea we discuss NATO’s answers to these hybrid tactics, reflect critically on NATO’s presence in our day-to-day security and take up European security challenges in a changing global order.

For more information visit: https://debalie.nl/agenda/nato-under-attack-2/




25 Sep 2019


De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands