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NATO Night

Atlantic Forum is teaming up with the Netherlands Atlantic Youth (Jonge Atlantici) to promote the third edition of NATO Night.

Last year, we celebrated NATO’s 70th anniversary. This year, Jonge Atlantici is back to reflect on NATO’s position in the world once again. Join us on Thursday, April 9, for the third edition of:

NATO Night 2020
Brain Dead, or Alive & Kicking?

The official celebration of NATO’s 70th anniversary past December was not marked by business as usual. Ahead of the London summit, French President Emmanuel Macron heavily criticized the functioning of the alliance by declaring NATO “brain dead” in an inflammatory interview in The Economist. While NATO has faced internal challenges before, Macron’s controversial comments have sparked a discussion about the purpose of the alliance and its future role in the world. Is NATO in dire need of life support?


At the same time, the alliance is still showing many signs of life: Defense budgets of member states are on the rise, the United States has increased its presence in Europe, and NATO is expanding, with the possible accession of North Macedonia.
Whether you think NATO is in good or bad shape, the challenges the alliance is facing are numerous and complex: Russia’s conventional and hybrid warfare tactics are still viewed as NATO’s biggest threat, unrest continues in the Middle-East, and there is a discussion on what the alliance’s stance should be towards China. Furthermore, emerging technologies are changing the threat landscape, with the impact of cyber, space and climate issues increasing by the day.
How should NATO address these threats and challenges? And is NATO still the right actor to face them in the future? In short: is NATO brain dead or alive and kicking? Join us at NATO Night 2020 for a full evening of interactive discussions, break-outs and networking opportunities in the field of international security and foreign affairs!


This event is sponsored by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.


Date: Thursday, April 9, 19:00 – 23:00 CEST
Location: Cursus- en vergadercentrum Domstad, Koningsbergerstraat 9, 3531 AJ Utrecht
Speakers: TBA
Cost: The regular ticket price for this event is €5. 



08 Oct 2020


Cursus- en vergadercentrum Domstad, Koningsbergerstraat 9, Utrecht, The Netherlands




Secretary Jonge Atlantici


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