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NATO Centres of Excellence (CoEs) Director s Conference

This year the NATO Centres of Excellence (CoEs) Director's Conference will be hosted by the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence under the chairmanship of Col. Giuseppe De Magistris. Atlantic Forum is proud to have been invited by Col. Giuseppe De Magistris (Director NATO SP COE) and Col. Francesco Pacillo (ACT CPD Branch Head) to join the Director's Conference.

We are looking for two (2) young professionals from the Atlantic Forum patron network to join Director John Jacobs and COE Project Officer Lisa Homel to act as disruptors covering four working groups that will work on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) of NATO's Centres of Excellence, with a view to identify and drive the changes required to remain competitive. In the course of the event the young “disruptors” can think out of the box and provide a fresh insight into the working groups. 

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About NATO Centres of Excellence
CoEs are international military “nieche” organisations that train and educate leaders and specialists from NATO member and partner countries. They assist in doctrine development, identify lessons learned, improve interoperability and capabilities, and test and validate concepts through experimentation. They offer recognised expertise and experience that is of benefit to the Alliance, and support the transformation of NATO, while avoiding the duplication of assets, resources and capabilities already present within the Alliance.

The 2021 Director's Conference
The objective of this annual event, is to provide the primary venue to foster interaction between CoEs’ Directors and, upon invitation, equivalent representatives from NATO Bodies and Multinational Organisations, to inform all of recent developments, to compare experiences and share best practices, to discuss mutual support and cooperation, to provide a forum for an exchange of views on the way ahead and thus facilitate networking in order to increase the individual and collective effectiveness of the Centres.

Representatives of the NATO Headquarters and Strategic Commands may also be invited to provide strategic orientation and to inform the debate. The underlying theme of this year’s event will most probably revolve around the concept of “Evolving to stay fit for purpose”, which has been inspired by Charles Darwin, who, I am sure you know, developed a theory which declared that species survived through a process called “natural selection”, where those that successfully adapted or evolved to meet the changing requirements of their natural habitat thrived and reproduced, while those that failed to evolve and reproduce died off.

Similarly, today’s dynamic and relentlessly changing world requires rapid changes on behalf of organisations that wish to be fit for purpose and “evolve” to remain effective, whichever their area of business is. NATO CoEs are no exception. To remain competitive and to provide an edge to the Alliance, we at the CoEs need to constantly improve our performance and to stay ahead of the events rather than suffering them by having a reactive approach to changes.

The above-mentioned concept triggered the need to move beyond “traditional” formats towards a more interactive and dynamic setting. The idea is for attendees to split in four working groups that will work on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) of their respective organisations, with a view to identify and drive the changes required to remain competitive.

Application Procedure!

Apply for this opportunity through the patron only portal. There you will find a form asking you two short merit questions (answers max 250w each) to check how much the application knows about the NATO COEs and their experience with evaluating/advising on how an organization should function.

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Meals, accommodation and local transportation from and to the venue of the event will be covered by the NATO SP COE. Atlantic Forum is actively conducting fundraising to cover the travel expenses of the selected patrons.

*Picture taken at the last NATO Centres of Excellence (CoEs) Director’s Conference hosted by the NATO Mountain warfare Centre of Excellence in Bled, Slovenia in 2019.



03 Oct 2021 to 06 Oct 2021


Palazzo Cordellina, Vicenza, Italy




Lisa Homel