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NATO 2030 Global Fellowship


Deadline to submit applications: December 10, 2021.

Atlantic Forum is very glad to invite the patrons of its community to apply for NATO 2030 Global Fellowship, a program laucnhed by the Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) and the NATO Defense College Foundation (NDCF), with the support of NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.

The non-resident program is designed to encourage education and empowerment, stressing the importance of NATO’s goals and missions in the 21st century. Themes will be deeply rooted in the NATO 2030 report and overall goals of cohesion, political cooperation, and strengthening NATO’s position as a strategic partnership. NATO’s recent proposals for modernity and innovation call for youth voices to be positioned at the forefront of NATO research and analysis. Representation, diversity, and inclusion are driving forces behind the program.

Early or mid-career professionals with strong demonstrated interests in transatlantic relations, NATO, international security, or any other relevant field to contribute to pushing forth dialogue and understanding when it comes to NATO are invited to apply to this unique opportunity. The fellowship role consists of attending monthly educational symposiums, learning from and working with scholars and experts in the field, participating in the research of relevant geopolitical events in terms of NATO framework, the ability to collaborate with other fellows in producing monthly reports, and safe travel to key locations of diplomatic importance.


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Within the NATO framework, it is expected that this program will foster grassroots diplomacy, shape the future of NATO member states and NATO itself through visions and research, and increase young professionals’ and youth actors’ contributions to NATO analysis and action.


The NATO 2030 Global Fellowship Program will be nonresidential in nature, with international travel included. The program dates will run from January 2022 to January 2023. Selected fellows will participate in monthly Zoom training seminars to discuss and debate policies and issues surrounding the NATO 2030 policies and agenda aims, and produce quarterly publications analyzing these themes. Fellows will be compensated for their publications produced quarterly. Selected fellows will be required to participate in all pre and post travel activities and training sessions. Selected fellows will also have the opportunity to travel to London, Brussels, and Rome in conjunction with this program for in person high level dialogues and meetings related to NATO’s efforts of the NATO 2030 program.



Applications will be released in October 4, 2021, and will close December 10, 2021. 


Our team and esteemed Selection Committee will be making final decisions and applicants moving forward will be notified in January of 2022 on results of their application and if any further information is needed.


Applicant Requirements/Eligibility: Applicants must be between the ages of 23-35 years of age at the start of the program in January 2022. Applicants must also either be currently enrolled in a graduate program or have already obtained a Master’s degree, PhD or other relevant degree.



-Must be between the ages of 23-35 years

-Must be a citizen of a NATO Allied Country

-Must have 3-5 years of work experience in a related field surrounding transatlantic policies/NATO Alliance

-Must be currently enrolled in, or have already received either a Master's Degree or PhD in a relevant field of study

-Must participate in all fellowship activities before and after travel opportunities within the program

-Must be committed to the ideals of the NATO alliance



THO is excited to launch in conjunction with the NATO Defense College Foundation, the NATO2030 Fellowship. This unique program, the first in the world to focus on analysis solely covering NATO2030, seeks to give young and mid-career professionals an opportunity to contribute meaningful dialogue and analysis on NATO and its future trajectory. Centering around the themes that characterize NATO, this program will allow fellows to conduct research and produce publications –– framing their work around transatlantic policies facing NATO and Allied members. The NATO 2030 Fellowship allows its fellows to engage directly with the NATO framework and have an impactful part in shaping the vision for a resilient 21st century NATO. Stay tuned for more as we launch this program!



10 Dec 2021