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C2COE: Multi-Domain Operations


The Operational Environment (OE) has continuously evolved; Peer and near-peer adversaries have emerged challenging the stability and interests of NATO. Combined with this, global proliferation of advanced information technology has reshaped the nature of conflict. It is difficult to maintain a technological edge in all facets of warfare. Now, the term “Multi-Domain Operations” (MDO) is being used more and more to define the OE and Engagements of the future, but what does MDO truly mean? How is it different from Hybrid Warfare or the Comprehensive Approach? What has to be changed for joint forces to effectively conduct MDO? Is the consideration of MDO required to understand and guide NATO´s Warfare Development of the future?

The NATO C2COE annual seminar will focus on Multi-Domain Operations and its impact on Command & Control (C2). The aim of the seminar is to challenge participant´s preconceived notions of MDO by providing the latest insights and perspectives on C2 and a changing OE. In order to achieve this, the C2CoE will invite a variety of experts sharing their viewpoints on various aspects of MDO, thus illustrating the needs, opportunities and challenges surrounding the current and future battlefield.



10 Nov 2020 to 12 Nov 2020


Bratislava, Slovakia