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Champions of Transatlantic Youth

We’re passionate about building a lasting sense of pride and community among the alumni of transatlantic young leadership programs. We hope the relationship you have with your alumni is important to you too.

Nearly every NATO member country has one or two well known programs that offer a dedicated young leadership program, or are completely organized by and for young people.

Every year more then 1000 young people get introduced to Transatlanticism and contemporary security issues. And yet, there is room for improvement. Because what happens after the program has ended?

With the Champions of Transatlantic Youth (launched on the first anniversary of Atlantic Forum, 4th April 2020) we seek to play into this gap. Using funds raised for our programming, corporate sponsors or individual sponsorship of patrons above 35 we created a shadow fund to sponsor patronage of young leadership program alumni. 

How does it work?

The shadow fund exists in parallel to our normal operations. It does not matter for us whether it are patrons who join, pay a patronage fee, and get involved with projects, or whether a third party pays, patrons join, and get involved with projects. At the end of the calculation we both have an X amount of funds, and an Y amount of patrons. With this realization we decided to provide free patronage for patrons, equal to the amount of funds raised by third parties (all our funds - the interest free injection of Pantheon - patronage contribution by patrons). The funds raised are being used in our regular programming.

We distinguish between three sources of funding: Government Sponsorship, Corporate Sponsorship and Individual Sponsorship. The first usually comes from ministries and or NATO PDD directly, these funds are used for our events and online activities, such as building this website, or our magazine Atlantica. These funds are usually project specific. The Corporate and Individual sponsorships are for other costs, our overhead: subscriptions, travel expenses and stipends.

Get involved

Do you work for a corporation interested in sponsoring youth activities (for example as part of a SDG program?), or are you an individual who wants to sponsor a specific audience, such as young female researchers, youth in the Balkans, NATO PFP country citizens? Then send us an email via info@Atlantic-Forum.com

Champions of Transatlantic Youth Total Amount (in EUR) Number of Patrons sponsored
Through Grant opportunities    
NATO PDD e-publications 14954 427
NATO PDD 10000 286
US Embassy The Hague 2601 74
Through the Academy    
International Republican Institute 500 14
Eesti NATO Ühing 500 14
Through the COTY program    
Lithuania Mission to EU 35 1
Lithuania Embassy to France 35 1
Individual Contributions    
Bgen (NLD-A) (ret) H. Damen 70 2
Dr M. Geri 35 1
Capt (UKR-N) V. Denysov 35 1
Mr. R. Tudor 35 1
Mr. A. Fotescu 35 1