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We strive to draw together the young leaders of today and tomorrow and we see it as our mission to bridge the gap between the policy level and civil society. We focus on dynamic youth engagement and transatlantic cooperation in areas of international security and defence through:

  • the enhancement of debate and education within the general population;
  • the engagement and development of youth to be active participants as well as responsible decision and opinion makers in the constantly changing security environment;
  • and the strengthening of youth visibility and influence through the facilitation of network building between policymakers and civil society.

Atlantic Forums seeks to become instrumental in aligning values from both sides of the Atlantic and generally promote international cooperation and dialogue. We act as a forum for debate in which young professionals can realize common interests and democratic goals in the security environment of the 21st century.

•Atlantic Forum (AF) is a project of Pantheon Consultancy (The Hague), in line with Pantheon's policy on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions; Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals). Pantheon handles the financial, personal and logistic administration of Atlantic Forum;

•AF is set up as a grassroot start-up NGO, Atlantic Forum focusses purely on operations and communications;
•AF’ss goal is to promote NATO and transatlantic values across the Euro-Atlantic Community (including Euro-Atlantic Partnership CouncilNATOs Mediterranean DialogueIstanbul Cooperation Initiative, and Partners across the Globe);

•AF’s main effort will be focused on young professionals below the age of 35;