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Patron Benefits

Benefits of becoming a Patron

Inspired by the entertainment industry the Atlantic Forum set out as a grassroot initiative. Through crowdfunding we seek to develop the Atlantic Forum and launch the Young TransAtlantic Leadership Network (Y-TLN) on 4 April 2020. But why should you back us in this quest?

A patrons chips in EUR 35,-, for this amount you receive in return:

- Direct involvement in the development of Atlantic Forum and the Young TransAtlantic Leadership Network (Y-TLN)

- When the Y-TLN launches, all those below the age of 35 will automatically be a member. Did you back us between 4 April 2019 and 4 April 2020? On top of our eternal gratitude, you will also get a free year of Y-TLN membership (EUR 35,-) between 4 April 2020 and 4 April 2021!

- Below the age of 35? As we develop Y-TLN, the perks of Y-TLN membership will be included in your patronage to Atlantic Forum! (Think proto-membership!)
     - Patrons have benefited from membership by receiving a discount on conferences (such as the 
        NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence annual Seminar)

- We like your voice to be heard! Did you write on transatlantic issues? Patrons get the opportunity to have their articles amplified on our platform and social media channels, get in contact with the editor via info@Atlantic-Forum.com

- Looking for a specific place to write about NATO and transatlantic issues? Earn back your patronage by writing for Atlantica, our own digital magazine! Get in contact with the editor via atlantica@Atlantic-Forum.com

- Become a member of Atlantic Forum's steering committee! Want you take the extra mile? We are looking for four steering committee members - in return of 32 hours of your month, you will receive EUR 200,- worth of travel budget as you go around the Euro-Atlantic Community expanding the Atlantic Forum!.

- Got a specific project in mind? The Transatlantic Incubator might just be the thing for you!